Kelsey Potter Two Tone Tied Flannel tube Dress Dress

Kelsey Potter Two Tone Tied Flannel tube Dress Dress


"Kelsey Potter"

This dress can fit a size small, medium, or large - depending on the size of your bust. The item is a tie around dress so it is adjustable and easily so.

It Is made from thrifted and vintage like tommy hilfiger and ralph lauren button ups.

Additional information will be shipped with this dress on how to adjust and wear like pictured. Just remember you can always be creative <3

A design inspired by lots of books (Matilda) , magic (harry potter), compassion (tinkerbelle), and a soul trying to find its way (Kelsey). I rarely tell the story of my designs but this one is a must tell.

Kelsey displayed all of the essences I projected unto the garment, she was magical, found, searching, and full of wisdom. The garment led her to bring a book that talked about two people discovering a planet and thus we started discussing the universe which in turn made me feel that dreams are real, and we can be whatever we choose. What a moment right? I am forever grateful for those moments and this garment. 

It holds so much power and I hope if you are to have it that you posses all of these things and more. 

With love,

Dreamie xo.

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