dreamie’s universe


Dreamie’s Universe is an artistically inclined fashion design company based in Nashville,TN. We provide top quality, sustainable clothing that steps outside the box for our customers to thrive in. We aim to create a platform for our customers to create a different language using our pieces. By keeping our clothing limited edition we provide the tools to help each dreamer express their personal style & stay true to how unique they are. Founded in 2011 by owner, Deonsha, Dreamie’s Universe has since strived to help build the dreams of the inspired in Nashville by giving access to clothing that can speak to a room & announce our guy/girl before they even introduce themselves.


meet the designer.


I'm a 23 year old explorer who was born and raised in Nashville,Tn. I have always been interested in how the mind works so i started to mix my psychological skills with my passion for fashion at around age 18. I started learning things that could take my fashion designing to the next level like mixing science & art. I'm a very outgoing soul who finds comfort in connecting with other people & anything i can do to enhance someones life i will. My main goal in Dreamie’s Universe is to inspire others to challenge the ways of our world starting with how we express ourselves when we get dressed. I aim to provide the knowledge & the skills one can use to provoke their own inner life-calling and get them one step closer to fulfilling their own destiny. Clothing is more than cloth that covers your body, its language.