How does shopping dreamie’s universe help our world?

Each item is made by either up-cycling thrifted/vintage clothing or sourcing our own materials that are not harmful to our oceans, humans or air. A handful of our items are made to order & we also work with manufacturers who provide workers with ethical environments as well as fair wages. By upcycling we remove the need to produce new or raw materials. By reducing this need, we can cut down on air pollution, water pollution, landfill use, and even greenhouse gas emissions.

How long until my item arrives?

each item is equipped with specific shipping expectations as well as processing requirements.

Our ready to wear items (such as Dreamie Jeans) ship out within 1-3 days.

Made to order items (such as “Sasha” Top) take 3-4 day processing and ship out 1-2 days after the last processing date.

Custom items vary and all of the information about expectations will be confirmed and provided within the agreed contract provided upon payment.

How can i help?

We accept donations in the Nashville area! Please fill out a form to have your items picked up and receive a gift card in exchange for your service to our planet!

Can i shop in person? can i try on items?

We provide personal shopping services upon request for our customers in Nashville,TN.

Book your personal style session by clicking STYLE & providing a down payment & answering questions we ask to get a clear understanding of your needs and how we can serve you.

I’m a stylist & i want to use your clothing for photoshoots.

Please email Dreamie at to discuss pulling clothing.

I have an issue with my order

We ensure we are ready to solve all issues swiftly & with your needs in mind. Please fill out a contact form on our CONTACT page & we will respond as soon as a representative is available!